Tuesday, May 27, 2008

so sad

well we are so sad today, having heard that Cythars "wife" has lost her puppys. Its so maddening when you hear about people with little care for the future of the breed who are just out to make a quick buck......they seem to have no problems producing a litter with the minimum of care or attention....then you get a really special mating like this one that has so much riding on it....you even get to see the scan of the babys....then this happens and you begin to wonder why you try so hard to do the right thing.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Danish News

Good news from our puppy owners in Denmark....at 8 months old he went to his 1st show and 1 st trial....and won both....best Puppy in Show at the Danish Club show and 1st in his working trials...well done Henrick!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Having spent all the week laid up indoors with a nasty debilitating virus, I decided today to leave my sick bed and get out into the sunshine for a gentle walk. I opted to take the 2 pups as they are still at a clingy stage and tend not to disappear over the horizon like the others......I also took along the deerhounds for a much needed leg stretch.
One of our fields has a large heap of soil in it which makes a good vantage point to check there are no deer lurking before the hounds go galloping into the grass. Having given them the "all clear" they charged about in the grass like lunatics....rolling and running....then all of a sudden the pups saw something in the grass.....their hackles went up and they started baying and then turned tail and ran back to mother. Intrigued at what they had found I ran over to look, only to find a badger snoring its head off curled up in the grass!!
As I tried to sneak away, the deerhounds sussed that something interesting was happeing and came bowling over and ran right into it...next minute there was a hissing spitting snarling badger with 2 rather surprised deerhounds trying to get their delicate feet out of the way...plus the puppies by now in full bay again. Badger was last seen heading for the hills at a very fast gallop and the puppies still didnt really know what all the excitement was about!

At long last Tarnish has her cast off her leg.....I just wish someone would tell her that she is meant to have another 6 weeks complete rest!
Cythar ivaliruz is very proud to hear that he is going to be a daddy in a few weeks time....we cant wait to see his 1st crop of pups.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

honestly - some people!

Some people really are unbelievable......I mean how sad is it that someone telephones a breeder, pretending to be interested in the breed......when their true agenda is to try and discredit a very genuine and honest breeder. Come along luv, do I LOOK like I came down in the last shower??? Many years as a press photographer has taught me to recognise when I am hearing bullsh*t! Next time you want to phone me please just use your real name!

Well another busy week....Tarnish is causing mayhem with her huge plaster cast (she broke her leg in a mid field collision with Gravity). For some reason the vets feel the need to wrap the entire thing in cammo patterned vet wrap, which at 1st is very scary to another hound but now they are used to it, it is seen more as "lunch"!
Barvička continues her puppy chewing saga by overnight eating a complete book plus half a beam from our 13thC cob cottage. Hope the beam wasnt an original piece of timber as unsure what the listings people would say about that!!!