Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hi ho, hi ho, its off to work we go......

Well Bobbi (Farlap Charity) had her 1st day at work she is signing in (or is that "signing up"?)......although how a girl can turn up to work in a pink collar is a mystery to me!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Tennant makes out hes fed up with the pups....but in quiet moments they are best friends.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mud Mud Glorious Mud!

After yet another 24 hours of continual rain, I was despairing of the pups ever getting into the garden again! Luckily a brief lull and some welcomed sunshine, and they all had an hour of fun in the mud. Cautious particularly dislikes the muddy conditions and I have explained to her that she wont have to suffer much longer as there will be no rain where she is going to her new home!
As you can see in the photo....they all love Uncle tennant....who is getting fed up explaining he is NOT their mother!
Each baby went on the lead today and for a short walk (all of 100 yds each way!) down the farm lane, and they had to cope with puddles, a tractor and the horse. They were all as good as gold.

Friday, January 23, 2009

happiness is.......

.............sleeping in a big pile!!! I always thought the collective noun for hounds was "a pack" but now I think its "a pile"
This great picture was sent to me from the Smith family, who own The General (F. Chorister) and show him very happy in his new home and with his new friends.

sentry duty

heres Baily....Farlap Crofter.....keeping an eye over his stately home in Cambridgeshire.....and looking like a true aristocrat.
We had a tenuous flight date for Farlap Cautious today, so now its fingers crossed for the date, and preparing for all her blood tests. Curate is in the process of getting his export papers in order and having his vaccinations, and meanwhile Candle and Cinnamon are getting their feet under the table and starting their socialising now that final vaccinations are all comleted.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The General is in charge

"The general " (Farlap Chorister) seems to have taken over his new owners home and taken charge of their bassets as well!! Here he is with his new best friend Iolo (Welsh for "Handsome Lord). Photo courtesy of The Smith family!

Watchful eye

Well harry has really landed on his feet (Farlap Constant) and already has a new buddy "Boris" looking after him and seen here, keeping a watchful eye on him....or is he watching to make sure Harry doesnt run off with his toy?!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

whispering sweet nothings

Curate whispering sweet nothings into Cinnamons ear.


At last a little sunshine and the pups had a romp in the garden. As you can see from the photos....Tennant has a new partner in crime (Candle) who thinks he is a wonderful big brother and follows him everywhere, like an annoying little sister!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

left, right, left, right.......

Another departure today, dear Charity left for the far end of Scotland, where we hope she will be a secret weapon for Officer Bond (not James Bond!) and "Bambi" and of course the whole Bond family.....thats if they can wrestle her away from Adam!
Its been a busy weekend as we had Matthew Price and Brightons Ceremony arrive for a permit line, and he did a grand job hunting under adverse weather conditions.....I think hound and handler will be competing soon at trials and I lookforward to seeing this hound gain experience. The line was overseen by our MP visitors, who were fascinated with the difference in the hound hunting and their own GSD trail and track work......get fit boys.....ours run faster than yours!!!!
We had a great evening with all the pups taking over downstairs, and having visitors seemed to give them extra energy as they were up playing and wrestling, and deerhound-baiting, until gone midnight! Charity was obviously rather struck on her new owner and went off this morning, sat in the front seat, on Adams lap, without a backwards glance!! As you can see from the photo, no sooner had she arrived, she was making the furniture more to her liking in typical bloodhound style!! (thanks for the photo Richard)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

harry and the general go forth!

Well today it was the turn of harry (farlap Constant) and "The general" (yes that really is his name!) (Farlap Chorister) to go to their new homes. I took Harry over in the morning to his new home and to meet his new Bloodhound was enthralled and the other indifferent and just wondered how long this guest was staying. Oh Dear!
The Generals owners came in the afternoon for the journey back to Wales and their bassets. He was certainly the pup that kept us most amused over the last few weeks....either because he insisted on being completely hand reared, or because he was renamed "captain mainwaring" due to his rather bossy nature and short stature. we shall rallt miss these 2 boys, and now poor Curate is all on his own with only the girls to boss him about!!
Looking forward to getting pix of the boys soon.

Monday, January 12, 2009

bye bye

we said "bye bye" to Crofter today(AKA Bailey) as he went to his new home in Cambridgshire. He is the 1st of the litter to go, and within a few hours a lovely photo arrived by email, showing him sat in his new bed in his new home, with his new family and his new toys. He doesnt appear to be missing us atall!!! Thankyou Maxine for such a sweet photo.
Having had well-below zero temperatures we now have gales and lashing rain, and once again its thrown our internet into a panic, and we can only get connected for about 30 seconds at a time and then lose it again. The joys of rural life....last time this happened it was because some one at the farm had shot a pheasant through the telephone wires and chinked them with some lead shot! This time i think its just good old british weather,,,,,,neverthe less, if you need me urgently it might be best to send a text or ring me on my mobile......not that we can get a signal here but I take it up the field with me 3 times a day on our walks so should pick up any messages then!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Sorry to everyone who has contacted me to see why the blog hasnt been updated but we have been trying to have an "internet free christmas" !!
i finally worked out how to get the video onto you tube so if you want to see what the little people looked like at 5 weeks, late one night, then take a look here OK its not MGM film studios but it was dark and in the middle of the night!! Now I know how to do it I will get something a little better and more up to date done this week. The little chaps had their 1st venture into the yard and garden today....its much later than planned but with temperatures here on the edge of the moor around 5 degrees and plumeting to minus 3 or 4 at night, then there havent really been any long spells of warm sunny weather for them to enjoy. Anyway on their first amble around the garden, Charity managed to fall in the stream, so she had to have the hair dryer on her to stop her getting chilled. Its typical of Charity as she is very outgoing and adventurous and always doing opposite of everyone else! Incidentally we are still trying to find the right home for her....she will make a great tracking hound I think! Meanwhile Ill leave you with a photo of Cinnamon taking it all in her stride.