Thursday, April 28, 2011

We grow in our sleep!

Lots of lovely photos arriving from the puppies in their new homes, so here are a few to share.
Clearly Eden (Farlap Bargain) is taking the mantra of "growing in your sleep" to a whole new dimension as she appears to do a lot of sleeping.....when shes not out doing baby tracking lessons that is!!
Bran has had a few trips out with his police handler daddy and police dog "partner in crime" Akim....who looks at him as if he still cant believe he has to share the bed with such an unruly monster!
Baffle who of course stayed here with us, has had some fun trips out to local dog shows as a spectator where hes met all different breeds and their owners. Apart from some car sickness hes loving his day trips!
Heres Bargain asleep as usual and Bran with his "police partner"

Friday, April 22, 2011

Too hot to trot

The recent hot weather has made excercising the houndds a real chore as its too hot to do our usual perambulations of the fields and so all walks have been either early morning of evening time. Even Baffle has been feeling the heat and slowed down a bit....although not much!!
We heard this week that Bargain and Bran had both started their hunting training which is great news.....cant wait to seet he photos! We also heard the very very sad news that Bagr passed away.....for those who hve only recently joined the blog, Bagr was my favourite puppy from the BA litter 3 years ago, a lovely big red boy who completely took over the lives of his family. A few weeks before he passed away they brough home a new companion for him....Farlap Bertok, and I hope they find some comfort in watching Bertok grow up and getting into the same sort of mischief that dear Bagr did.

Monday, April 11, 2011

So grown up

Baffle is growing up so fast....this weekend has been "lead training" and hes taking to it quite well. However his sister "Biscuit" in Hungary is going one step further as she is off to her first show in a few weeks Italy!!! yes unbelievably they have "baby" classes there and so she is off to the Italian Bloodhound Show to strut her stuff. Here she is in a lovely photo, by up and coming photographer Kitty Kilian, having a ball with her Aussie friend.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Growing like weeds!!!

The puppies are growing at great weighs in at 18 kg already!!!!
Weve been loving all the regular reports and photos from their new families, and look forward to lots more over the coming months and years........and are already planning a visit to Miss Biscuit, just to make sure she isnt being TOOOOO naughty!!
Heres Benedict with his half brother Harry (from Logics previous litter) and as you can see they are great companions already. Also Bran (Brian to his friends!) relaxing in the warm German sunshine and Bargain practising "clean boot hunting"