Sunday, May 30, 2010

Czech this out!

Well done to Generous's progeny at the Czech Bloodhound Club show today. Bille was BDP and Isabelle BBP, and jointly they were "best pair". Thankyou to lenka for all these lovely photos of the babies.

proud granny

Im such a proud Granny today! Heres Dominic (Farlap Curate) who now lives in Mexico, with his equally proud owners Karla and Gillermo, and friend Jorge (handling), at the national bloodhound show in Mexico. Hes the absolute image of his father "Cythar ivaliruz Farlap", with just a little of mothers head qualities as well.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ratattouille any body?

Having livestock such as hens, ferrets, geese etc not to mention 200 heifers only a few yards from the house, means that there are the inevitable rats about. After the incident with Buck I refuse to allow any poison on the premesis, and have told Damson and Drizzle that they will just have to start doing a daily patrol around the out buildings. This is what happened this morning when Drizzle found a monster rat and caught it at the same time as Damson!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dis Graceful behaviour

Sounds like sweet little Graceful is now behaving Dis Gracefully....teaching the other hounds to bay, and taking over the bassets beds...... just goes to show that the sweet quiet ones turn into the monsters!! meanwhile weve been having our own bad behaviour here, when Barvicka and Vivid formed a chicken raiding party and ate the back off the chicken coop this afternoon, thus freeing the chickens into the main garden, right into the hands (or paws) of the waiting hounds! At one point Andrew had to rugby tackle two of the fleeing fowl, whilst the somewhat alarmed and now positively irate cockerel decided that Andrew was a potential hen murderer and attacked him with full talons and spurs, flying at his face like a demon. Tennant was running around like the proverbial headless chicken, unsure whether he should be pointing them or doing live retrieves, and amongst all this, gutsy Gravity took the opportunity to get into the coop and polish off all the eggs in the nest boxes Eventually the hens were wrangled back into their coop, and no one was any the worse for the experience, apart from some ruffled feathers and a very very angry cockerel, with a death wish. Sometimes I think a "normal" life might be fun....but there again........

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pat a bloodhound

After several months, of not seeing him, I finally managed to get to see Watson briefly at the weekend when he came along to Devon County Show (where i was working) for a visit. I was very impressed with what I saw, he was so so different to the weedy boy who we rescued. Now a big strapping happy and confident hound, in amazing condition and looking a picture of health, I cant express how happy it made me feel to see him looking so well. Therefore today came as an even greater pleasure to hear that he had passed his initial assesment as a PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog. Well Done Watson!!! Cant wait to hear that he hs passed all of it and is a fully fledged PAT dog.
I had this lovely photo today from CZR, showing Isabelle winning Best Puppy bitch at the Litoměřice International Show in CZR. Well done Issy and "thanyou" to Lenka for taking her.

Monday, May 17, 2010

International travelogue!

Today has been lovely as we have received photos from Isabelle in Czech Republic, (Generouses daughter soon to be living with us), from George in Russia, and from Shelly in Australia. Heres Isabelle at the National Dog Show Jelenia Góra (Poland) winning best bitch puppy with her breeder Lenka, and George enjoying his new country home in Russia, meeting the locals!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Defying Gravity!

Once again I seem to be ensuring my vets get a good skiiing holiday again this year! Yesterday Tennant had a trip out with "granny K" (sorry karen but thats how he know s you!) to have his hips scored. he was less than impressed with the proceedings. Gerty on the other hand, who came along for the ride, had a lovely day out meeting new people!
Last night at bed time, Gravity didnt come in and claim her usual spot by the fire, so I went in search of her only to find her collapsed in some grasses by the pond. She was completely lifeless and Andrew carried her indoors and she lay motionless all night, with me sat by her side. Shes an old girl and has already had a couple of mini strokes so we thought this was probably the big one we were expecting and made her comfortable, expecting the worst...... However by breakfast time , apart from a bit of wobbliness, she was up and about and looking for her walk! Typical Gravity!
Candle went off to our own vet for her hip and elbow scoring today, so now we must just nail bite and await all the results. Meanwhile Cinammon (in photo) is still having problems with her shoulder, which she fractured after a running accident/ it looks like more vet trips next week!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The race for Life

Those in the "hound" world probably know Sandra and Margaret of "Barrenger" Bassets, and so I urge you all to go to this page where you can sponsor their friend Stephanie, who is running a charity run to raise money for Cancer Research, as her way of helping Margaret who is herself suffering from this ghastly illness. You can make a donation safely on the website. Good Luck Stephanie!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day new owners toys

George is settling in well in his new home. Hes having a ball in the Russian countryside, and here he is within a few hours of arriving, meeting his new best friend Leonid
After my trip to heathrow I went to the National......bas won the res CC. The lack of entries were appalling, and apparently many people hadnt received a schedule which would explain it.....On this occasion I dont think it was a question of "voting with your feet" as this judge is generally a popular all rounder, so it can only be down to the poor schedule distribution

from Russia with love.......hes Landed!

Well we finally had a flight confirmed and yesterday I drove George to heathrow and he flew to Moscow. He arrived in the early hours of the morning and I had a text from his new owners at 2am to say they were driving home and he was fine. Today hes running around the garden, playing and acting like hes been there forever.....unlike his sister who is very miserable to have lost her brother and playmate.