Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Farlap Diet

Well after the trauma of Foragers dietry habits, we had another scare this week when late Sunday night gerty decided to go for the full gastric torsion!! After two hours late night surgery, and a couple of days in hospital she appears to be none the worse despite the seriousness of the situation!!
On a more positive note, young Jarousek is really coming on nicely and has fitted nto the household so well, hes a pleasure to have around. Hes started his training with K9 search dogs and is coming on really wellas can be seen in this lovely shot from Sharon Newman.

 Knowing how Gyp was missing "running dog" company after the loss of his friend Flint, we took the plunge and picked up Lottie last week.......shes a rather nice lurcher girly, with impeccable breeding, and already showing great working aptitude, although having two rather active pups in the house together can be somewhat hard work!