Monday, November 29, 2010

Farlap Bloodhounds: Go for it george!

Farlap Bloodhounds: Go for it george!

Go for it george!

George (Farlap Guesswork) has continued his winning ways in Russia this weekend with
Best Junior, Junior CAC, Best of Breed, and Group 2!! He also sent me this great photo of him and his proud mum Maria, from the weekend....congratulations Maria and George, Im so pleased for you.
The cold snap has brought its own problems here, with sheet ice in the yard, poor Generous fell over quite badly on Saturday and is now on bed rest and looking sorry for himself.
Tennant has enjoyed the frosty weather though, and had to retrieve a woodcock, a rook and a pheasant all on the same day.
On the "maternity" front, we are just counting the days to the scan date and keeping our fingers firmly crossed (and our toes too!)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Under the knife!

It was a busy week this week with both Vivid and Damson going under the knife. Vivid had a lump removal and was also speyed at the same time, which means for the next 10 days or so, she cant join the rest of the bloodhounds on their daily routine, excercising and "argy- bargy", and she is getting more than her fair share of sofa time right now! Damson our ancient deerhound had to have some rather grotty old teeth removed, which seems to have perked her up no end as well as making life for us more pleasant as her breath was evil before they were removed! Tennant is not taking kindly to having to share his favourite sofa with Vivid as can be seen in the photo!
Logic has now been mated and we must just hold our breath until the scan date to see if there are going to be any bloodhound puppies very soon!

Friday, November 19, 2010

2nd Birthday celebrations

Well it was the "C" litters 2nd birthday this week and I hope they all had a great day and lots of liver cake!! My two celebrated by disappearing off across the fields on the trail or a red deer, with me frantically running (gasping) after them, and eventualy managed to catch up with them, all looking very pleased with themselves, and the deer long gone over the horizon!
Looks like Crofter is a much more sensible boy than my two, here he is with his Dad looking a very proud "Birthday Boy".

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Farlap Guesswork (AKA George) went to his 1st shows in Russia this weekend and won :
1st show: JunCAC, Best Junior
2nd show: Jun CAC, Best Junior, Best of Breed,and group 2
3rd show: Best Junio, Junior Club Winner at Special Bloodhound Show
Well done George, what a great way to start your show career!!

Its also the birthday of the C litter, and so we send birthday greetings to all the litter, who are living all across the world, including Mexico and Australia!

On a final sad note, we heard over the weekend, about the death of Farlap Tireless, who had done well at working trials over the years.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

is it me??..........

..........or are there some real morons out there these days??
We have had no less than 4 emails this week asking "Do you have bloodhound puppies for sale"?
and these people seem to imagine that they are going to ring up one day and collect a puppy the next! I try to explain (gently as I can!) that there are few and far litters born in the UK, and that those of us who care about the future of the breed and the welfare of the individual hounds, are NOT churning out litter after litter, and having a ready-made stream of puppies available for casual enquirers. They seem surprised when I explain that we want to meet their family, do home checks and ask a lot of questions. Most we never hear from again, and some I see acquire puppies elsewhere, or simply move onto the next breed on their wish list....very few make the visiting stage or the puppy list. One even had the nerve to say I was making it hard for them to get a puppy from me, as if I had nothing better to do with my time.......well yes I was.....they lived in a city with virtually no garden, a tiny baby, and were out most of the day....where exactly would a primitive hunting hound fit into that lifestyle???
Rant over!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Finally 3 girls are in season....OK, none of them are the one we actually WANT in season, but hopefully the pack hormones should kick in and she should come into season very soon (fingers crossed).
Meanwhile Ive been doing a bit more training with Flint this week and his aptitude to retrieve rabbits has astounded all of us......we seemed to have skipped the "skin wrapped dummy" stage that comes after the dummy training, and are now at the "fresh game" stage. Hope his enthusiasm to return it to me lasts!