Tuesday, October 15, 2013

a few weeks later.....

I cant believe its been several weeks since writing the last blog entry......apologies to those who look forward to keeping up with the news. its been a really quiet few weeks.....sadly depite our epic trip, the carefully planned mating didnt take, and Candle is pupless, something we are all rather sad about. However we are now turning our attentions to the possibility of a 2014 litter instead. Fingers crossed!

There have been no shows for us to attend, and, unfortunately the Bloodhound Club trials, although not far away, clash with another commitment so are unable to go to those as well, so we feel like life is pretty quiet right now!
Forager (photo above) has recovered fully from his stone eating episode and is now back in harness and training and searching with K9 search dog team......oh he did have a great find with two missing dogs that were lost when travelling with their owner and were involved in a car accident. You can see more about that on the blog at www.k9searchdog.org

Meanwhile young Jarousek (photo above)continues to grow and is quite a character......the weekly brushing is not his favourite pastime it has to be said!

Not forgetting the others here at Farlap.....The game shooting season is upon us now which has pleased Tennant no end as he can get out in the field, hunting, pointing and retreiveing game for the freezer once again.