Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"B" team get tracking

We are getting some great reports from the "B" litter, on their tracking/hunting progress.
Farlap Bran who lives in Germany is doing tracks through town centres, and doing some serious scent discrimination work with his handler Robert, and Roberts wife Christine. I was hoping to see them next weekend but plans have had to change a little here, and sadly we wont make it now.
Farlap bargain (AKA Eden) is also making great progress with her hunting as can be seen here in the photos of her tracking on an old Cumbrian airfield. Her handler Pete, another professional "search dog" handler, is having a lot of fun with her and I bet they cant wait for her to turn 12 months and start trialling.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Go Gerty, Go!

Well......... thanks to Kitty who has been walking lines nearly every day for 2 weeks, we have got Gerty really going well , and yesterday we took her to Buckinghamshire for her working permit, which she passed in quite arduous dry conditions, so I was very proud of her. Also thanks to Kitty for this lovely photo of Gerty coming into her runner (Peter Brown) and a cheery looking handler! For those interested in her tracking lead, you can read a bit more about it here http://www.farlapbloodhounds.com/section533515.html

Friday, August 12, 2011

Gerty does good!

At last Gerty has done something right!!! After despairing of her in the show ring (shes not keen!) we decided to give her a go at hunting. WOW........finally something she enjoys!!! She did her very 1st line of 300 metres, and today had her 2nd line, about 400 metres, with a gate way and a sharp turn. Well done Gerty! Here she is posing in her harness! (photo copyright Kitty kilian)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This n that

Yesterday we had a great trip to the beach with Baffle, Tennant, the lurcher team and "Princess Drizzle" (who is anything but!). It was Kitty;s first real trip to the "Ocean" so great fun for everyone.
We have received some lovely photos today from talented portrait artist Ev Burnside, and the one she has taken of Baffle in the show ring is great, thanks Ev! Her website is here

Finally we had photos today from "Little Brian".....who is now BIG BRAN!!! (see sofa photo!!) His tracking is amazing, and hes doing 1km lines through towns, with skateboarders and dog walkers as planned distractions......His owner traoner Robert is doing a fantastic job!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


What a sad day for the breed, with the loss of Jean. I well remember her arrivingat a trials in Dorset, to watch her 1st trials, with Flora a mere 5 month old baby, and from that one day, she achieved so much with her hounds. All our thoughts are with Duncan.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Another fun weekend

Another fun weekend with the hounds..........saturday was up to the hound show where some of the judging was interesting. It was Farlap Blissfuls first show with Lynda, who, despite having been to several shows herself when she was the "Brighton Bloodhounds" kennelmaid, this was her first excursion with her very own bloodhound. She handled Bliss really well, and Bliss was calm and collected all the way. Their 2nd in puppy bitch has qualified them for Crufts 2012. Well done girls!!
Baffle was also a good boy in the ring andI couldnt have asked any more of him. Gerty was her usual awkward stubborn self! Sunday saw us at the SW Lurcher championships, but as we were the only "bull bred" there, Im guessing everyone else knew that this wasnt her type of hound LOL. Nevermind it was a fun day out, and we took Gyp on his first official "day out" as well.

Shame to see people using their (perceived) positions of authority to their own ends and to air their personnal grieviences instead of to the benefit of the breeds we love. Looks like more pills needed!!!!
Thanks to KITTY once again for some great photos xxx