Monday, December 10, 2012

A little good cheer at last

The last couple of weeks have brough much sadness to us, starting with the terrible road accident in Denmark that killed our friends Jens and Lise. They first came into our lives  6 years ago when they were looking for a  red puppy, and they came twice from Denmark to our home to meet the hounds, and eventually they were the proudest owners of Henrik, a sweet red boy from our first "B" litter.
We kept in touch regularly and met up again for the World Show in Denmark a couple of years later, where we enjoyed a few wonderful days. Jens was such a tall guy, and our  cottage has low ceilings so he never could stand up straight here, and this amused him. He was fiercely proud of his Danish heritage so we renamed him our "Viking".....he rather liked that! Lise was the sweetest kindest lady you could meet, always so knowlegable about hounds, and their pedigrees, always a kind, warm, gentle character, who adored her bloodhounds so much. With the advent of facebook it made keeping up to date with each other and our hounds, very easy, so we were often chatting and swapping photos of the hounds, and only a few days before the accident Id been speaking to Lise about her having her next red boy from our planned litter. Sadly that will never be. I know its been the most terrible shock and loss to the Danish bloodhound community.

The next sadness was hearing the death of Billy idol Roborovski, in Czech. He was the son of Ch. Farlap Generous, and brother to our Isabelle and I know his owners are devastated at losing him in the peak of his life, to the dreaded torsion. Sad times.

HOWEVER, just to send some cheer on these gloomy cold days, we had more news from george (Ch Farlap Guesswork) who was exhibiting at Moscows prestigious "Golden Collar" event, and went on to win best of Breed and Champion of Breed. Поздравляю!!!