Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunny Days

We have had a glorious couple of weeks in Devon, the sun has shone, the grass has grown and the hounds have enjoyed every minute of it. Festives pregnany is now into its 44th day and she is seemingly enjoying the position of authority its given her amongst the other hounds, and its quite funny to see her now getting pole position on the best sofas where as before hand she was always relegated to the dog beds! Funny how the hounds just "know", and are happy to let her get her own way. Shes also taken to stick collecting (se photo below)...a new hobby for her, and perhaps part of her hormonal changes! The lovely warm dry weather has also been a bonus for meeting prospective new puppy owners, and we have  enjoyed alfresco tea, in the spring sun, several times last week with some lovely families.

Its not just the hounds who have enjoyed the warm weather, Reggie and Mabel our resident lawn mowing shetlands have also been out and about to the shows over the last few weeks, amassing all sorts of awards and qualifiers.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Some Good News at Last!

Some exciting news to share, we have a litter due early May, and Festive (Farlap Festive) is the mother to be, and Jarousek (Cayman Od Hadiho Potoka our import from CZ)the expectant Father! its our 1st litter in over two years so theres lots of sprucing up in the nursery to do over the next few weeks!
We have just returned from a short trip to Belgium to meet a lovely litter sired by our very own Farlap Baffled, at the Truffe Medieval kennel. Beautiful beautiful puppies, and we very much look forward to Truffe Medieval Nettle coming to the UK at some point soon. This could be her!!