Sunday, November 3, 2013

Another Month and another mouth to feed

Its been nearly another month since my last blog post, and this once agan is mainly because things have been busy here and blogging hasnt taken priority. Hounds (and me!) are all enjoying the autumn respite from the summer show scene, infact we are enjoying it so much weve decided to take quite a long break this time, and as so much of my time is now spent training the hounds for the charity K9 search dogs, it will be time well spent, and with the current ridiculous regime implemented by the KC, I take no real pleasure in the show scene right now.
Weve had lots of lovely visitors over the last was super to see the Young family again, who were owned and loved by Bailey, and then we had Kate and Roger Folds who used to own Fargo, the lovely red boy from the 1st Farlap litter. Weve also had new visitors, who were interested in knowing more about bloodhounds and hoping to own one some day, and so several days this month have been spent in the fields with people, often meeting a bloodhound for the 1st time, and letting them see 1st hand, all the potential challenges that come with the breed!
One family wanted to brush Jarousek! but had to settle for brushing Bas, as Jara prefers to grab the brushes and run LOL

Back in August we introduced Helawi Meadow Mist to our family....however due to his age he wasnt able to actually join us here until 2 weeks ago. He has settled in perfectly and training is underway and his 1st show is at the end of the month. Here he is coming in for elevensies yesterday!!!
yup......hes not a bloodhound!!