Friday, February 26, 2010

Video Diary

Heres the current videos of the puppies. All growing well! for puppies 1st dinner
and this one is their 1st steps and games

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Poor Tennant has been feeling abandoned the last few weeks, as the shooting (game bird) season has finished, and ive been so pre occupied with the pups that his daily training has all but been abandoned, so he was thrilled to get a day out with Andrew yesterday, deer stalking. Needless to say he was his usual "Mr Perfect" self!!
An interesting conversation today with a potential puppy owner, who was telling me that there are some really nasty nasty scams out there on the internet, designed to catch anybody who is genuinly searching for bloodhound puppies for sale in the UK. They had looked at several websites that appeared to be offering puppies, and all had been scams. They passed the details onto me for me to look at, and it was truly shocking. I could see straight away that there was something very fishy, just from the wording of the ads, and from the photos which were clearly taken of American bloodhound pups as they were so different to English ones.....however the novice new owner wouldnt know this, and its quite frightening how the "lowest of the low" con men are trying to use our breed to con naive buyers. All the websites have now been put in the hands of trading Standars who hopefully will be able to act on them.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

4Lbs and growing

All the pups have today passed the 4lb mark........we think it must be their Czech genes!
They are rapidly becoming more mobile, and like toddlers, they are finding their feet and scooting around quite fast in the nest, much to the consternation of their mother, who much preferred it when they kept still and she could keep an eye on them all! Farlap Graceful can be seen here at 13 days old, looking very content.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eyes Wide Shut!

Despite their eyes starting to open, they are still spending most of their time with them shut, and snoring their little heads off. (As can be seen here with Gerty!)
I foolishly left a sitting room window open during the day (yes I know its winter but I like fresh air!) and forgot about it. when I went in to light the fire later in the day, I discovered the hooligan teenagers (AKA Candle and Cinnamon) had eaten most of the window frame off!!! Coincidentally I only been talking to someone earlier today about the destructive nature of hounds, and, like so many puppy enquirers, they clearly didnt believe me when I told them about some of the things my hounds have completely destroyed over the years.
It never fails to amaze me how many people ring or email wanting a bloodhound.....I tell them about all the negatives (self hunting, chewing, slobber etc) and they are adamant that "oh yes we know all that and we dont care".....but then when they arrive here to learn a bit more about bloodhounds, and to talk about the possibility of owning one, and get greeted by 9 stone of slobbering moulting hound with selective deafness and a taste for period country furniture, you can see the light bulb going on in their heads as they suddenly realise I WAS telling them the truth!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Here comes trouble!

Now the fun really starts, as the puppies eyes have started to open today, and that can only spell one thing......TROUBLE!!! So before my three little angels turn into complete devils, heres their photos at 10 days old.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Thanks to our friend martina Klivarova, for taking this lovely lovely photo of Isabella Guerin Roborovski, our new puppy, from Roborovski kennels in Czech Republic. her father is our very own CH. Farlap Generous and it will be lovely to finally have such a beautiful puppy from him.

one week on...............

and the puppies are turning into 3.5 pound monsters!! Heres George and Gert on their 1st (1st week!)birthday

Friday, February 12, 2010

Growing like Topsy!

The pups are growing rapidly. They are now a week old, and yesterday alone, they put on 7 ounces each (sorry for those who work in metric!).
Heres a video snip of them in their 1st week.

and here they are on their 1st day

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

viva mexico!

we had photos from Farlap Curates owner today, in Mexico, and what a fine chap hes turned out to be!

Monday, February 8, 2010

All in order

Well Barvička is enjoying mother hood, and has an odd habit I have never witnessed before.......she has to have her puppies in a neat orderly line! Every time one tries to wander off into a more random location, its promptly picked up and firmly placed back in the line! Thank goodness she didnt have more puppies or shed be forever rearranging them!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

twenty one Farlap puppies!!!!

yes its true! Although not all at Farlap I hasten to add! It seems that a strange International coincidence has occured where three people bred from three Farlap siblings all at the same time, and within 48 hours, there were 3 puppies born in the UK (here at farlap), 8 puppies born in Sweden, and 10 puppies born in Canada. Well done to Sharon in Canada, Amanda in Sweden, and to my own Barvicka for her admirable effort!! Heres a quick pic of my "3 muskateers" plus a short video clip taken today at 2 days old.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Not long now!

One of our "expectant litter" puppy owners came today to see how the "mum to be" was getting along and took this sweet pic of Barvicka......shes keeps asking "how long"?? I think shes getting bored with the maternity preparations already!

Stop! Thief!

Couldnt resist this great photo sent in from Baileys owners........we already know hes an accomplished thief, but now hes added "skip raiding" to his repetoire!!!