Sunday, February 21, 2010


Poor Tennant has been feeling abandoned the last few weeks, as the shooting (game bird) season has finished, and ive been so pre occupied with the pups that his daily training has all but been abandoned, so he was thrilled to get a day out with Andrew yesterday, deer stalking. Needless to say he was his usual "Mr Perfect" self!!
An interesting conversation today with a potential puppy owner, who was telling me that there are some really nasty nasty scams out there on the internet, designed to catch anybody who is genuinly searching for bloodhound puppies for sale in the UK. They had looked at several websites that appeared to be offering puppies, and all had been scams. They passed the details onto me for me to look at, and it was truly shocking. I could see straight away that there was something very fishy, just from the wording of the ads, and from the photos which were clearly taken of American bloodhound pups as they were so different to English ones.....however the novice new owner wouldnt know this, and its quite frightening how the "lowest of the low" con men are trying to use our breed to con naive buyers. All the websites have now been put in the hands of trading Standars who hopefully will be able to act on them.

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