Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Ins and outs at farlap!

The last week or so has been a bit traumatic, with Forager managing to eat some more stones, only this time one got very wedged in his stomach and he ended up having some emergencty surgery to remove it. he then had a few days in "hospital" recovering but Im glad to say came home last weekend, to some intensive nursing in front of the wood burner!!
Meanwhile a few hundred miles away in Germany, his half brother Bran (Brian to those who knew him as a puppy), managed to eat the house you can see from the photo! Im glad to report hes now fully recovered and keys safely recovered, courtesy of a large tin of sauerkraut!!! When not eating keys, Im glad to report that Bran was BOB/CACIB at the Offenberg show last week,as well as being a first class tracking hound.
On the subject of tracking, great news from Eden (Farlap Bargain)and her owners, who won 3rd in the Novice Bloodhound Working Trials this week. Great team work, well done from a very proud "Granny"

Monday, March 11, 2013

Crufts 2013

Well the Farlap hounds had a good day out at Crufts.
Baby Farlap Florence (belonging to Lynda Hayden) was best Puppy in Breed, Farlap Festive won Junior Bitch, and Farlap Baffled won Limit Dog and the CC, making him Best Male hound and reserve best of Breed. The day was only marred by  a bitch in the challenge line up, having a go at Florence and scaring both her and her owner half to death. because of this Florence had to be taken out of the line up as she was really frightened. A terrible disapointment for her owner.
Farlap Baffled, pictured with our judge Colin Avery, after winning the CC. photos courtesy/copyright R. Manley

Saturday, March 2, 2013

New arrival

Another months seems to have gone by without a blog update.......sorry to those who like to keep upto date....its just been such a frantic few weeks. My work with the charity K9 Search Dogs has been very busy, with lots of training plus a couple of searches in difficult conditions - you can see more here

Also we have been in Europe for a week or so, catching up with some lovely old friends in CZ, such as Lenka, Adela, Martina and Petr, so nice to see everyone after a years absence.......oh and we did bring a small package back........please welcome Cayman Od Hadiho Potoka our new baby boy from the Od Hadiho Potoka kennel in The Czech Republic.