Sunday, August 30, 2009

hard work being a hound

Heres Farlap Charity....aka Bobbi....showing how hard it is being a growing puppy with her young owner. Its so important to have good temperaments in such a large forceful breed like ours......and we are very proud of the temperament in our breeding, and place a lot of importance on it.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

3rd show lucky

Today was Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show....only Candles 3rd show......we were so thrilled that she won PB. best Puppy and Res CC all at 9 months old. She was a real star and loved her day out. photo to follow soon.
On a sadder note we were so sad and upset to hear that one of our lovely foster puppies....Otis (our favourite) was tragically killed (RTA) 3 days ago. His new owners are distraught and all our thoughts are with them at this horrible time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daddy smells of Penguins!

Farlap Charity's (Bobbi) owner is back at last! Heres a couple of pix of the little girl when he stepped on Blightys shores again. Hopefully the real training will start now, and cant wait to hear about her career. meanwhile shes obviously taken to a keep fit regime on the trampoline!

hes scored!

Good news today from the BVA, we had hip and elbow scores back for Farlap Basnicky, he has elbows 0-0 and hips 5-8.
This is an essential part of our ongoing healthy breeding policy. heres Basnicky (right) and Ch. F. Generous (left)

Monday, August 17, 2009

HPR Working Test......

Tennant and I went to our first working test as competetors on Saturday..... it was certainly different to my usual days at tests when Im behind the camera!
Overall it wasnt too bad an effort although incredibly frustrating as Tennant proves time and time again that he CAN do simple puppy level tests.......he just wasnt going to do them too well at the event! Here he is (left) with his full sister Daisy (right) and his half sister Skarlett (middle). 3 nice Brokk Babies!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


News in from Mexico today.......Farlap Curate (known as Dominic) lives there with Guillermo and karla...and much to my amusement he has got himself a professional handler! The photo of him on the grooming table beggars belief....if I put one of mine up there they would bring it crashing down and probably break a leg or two in the melee! Goes to show that you CAN train them if you have to! Having said that, you only have to lok at the pix of him rolling on the floor with "Daddy" to see he has retained his typical clownish Farlap behaviour!!
Anyway at the tender age of 8 months hes been to his 1st shows....hes still areal baby and has lots of growing and developing to do yet, but his training is going well and he won Best Puppy in breed and group well done Dom!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whats that smell??

We have a sweet puppy staying for 2 weeks while her owners are on holiday......sweet that is, until today, when she found a dead badger in the field, and rolled on it!!! I have spent the afternoon bathing her, and bathing her again!!
Training is starting again with Cythar, for the forthcoming Bloodhound Trials......but we did have a rather different "call out" a few days ago when a rottweiler....a very poorly and elderly rottweiler went missing in PLymouth, and so I was asked to help track her down. its not something i would want to do with one of the trials trained hounds as they are actively encouraged NOT to hunt dogs scent... only human scent... however I have always tried to have one hound trained for hunting lost dogs and have had a number of call outs over the years.....Im glad to report this one was a success.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Three blind Mice.......

.....well actually its 4 very well sighted mice, and they are loose in my office!! I spent all afternoon like "Manuel" trying to catch "Basil" far ive recaptured 4 out of the 8. The other 4 are still at large and enjoying their freedom. its still a complete mystery how they escaped as they are in a large glass tank with a fixed lid.....we can only imagine they legged it when I cleaned them out on Sunday and I hadnt noticed at the time.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Subject to KC confirmation"................

..................Logic became a Champion at the Houndshow 2009!!!!
She won her 3rd CC (all with BOB) under breed specialist Carol Hutchinson. Her daughter Candle also won Best Puppy in breed. All this despite them both having baths......!!!
Our friend Carol Ann Johnson took a few pix for us hich I am very grateful for as I never get any pix of myself and the hounds together.. Thanks to everyone who emailed us and sent cards........ much appreciated, and especially to Evelyn and Robert who very kindly hung on to the hounds and their leads as I rushed in and out of the ring with different hounds! and Helen Powell who kindly handled Candle in the challenge.