Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Family day out

Farlap Constant

Farlap Constant (Harry)

Farlap Benedict (Bertie)

I have had a couple of lovely days out this week, visiting Farlap hounds in their homes. Monday I went to visit Watson who lives in Brixham, hes such a sweet boy from the "C" litter. Today was a trip over to East Devon to visit Bertie (Farlap Benedict) and Harry (Farlap Constant) and I took Cinnamon and Baffle who are from the same two litters, to play with their brothers. We had two lovely walks around their fields and all went well until Cinnamon (always the trouble maker) discovered their bird table, and in her usual thuggish way, managed to knock it over and demolish it, and started eating all the bird food as fast as she could. Harry had never seen such atrocious behaviour and thought he'd investigate, but Cinnamon decided it was "her food" and bit her brother on the nose. Exit a very upset Harry. Meanwhile Baffle had managed to find a huge pile of fox poo to roll in and so the two disgraced hounds were bundled in the van and taken home. The smell on the return journey, of Cinnamon farting after her bird food, and the fox poo covering Baffle, was less than pleasant!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The weather was perfect

Sunday saw us hosting the Kelperland Trophy special stake (4 hours cold, 2 miles long) and without a doubt, the weather was perfect. Thanks must go to the line walkers Louie and Andrew, and the land owners who were The Loud family and the Moyse family. Also special thanks to Sharon Newman for taking some lovely photos of the day......this one was a favourite for me, showing Duncan taking his hound to the start of the line....just look at that concentration! Sadly the judge didnt feel either hound hunted well enough to be awarded the Kelperland, although both were given COM's. Having walked the 1st line many times myself, and being in a grandstand position to see the hound hunting it 80% of the way round, I was a little disapointed as the hound was spot on for the 80% that I watched.
It was good to meet some newer club members who are interested in getting their hound hunting, and we look forward to hosting future stakes for the bloodhound club.
A summing up and tea at the Clovelly Inn, and it was the end of a tiring day.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Photos are here!

The photos from last weekend are here, and thankyou to Rob "Bailey" Manley for taking them.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekend Fun!

last weekend was the Bloodhound Club Open Show, and under judge Gillian lamb, we had a great day.
Farlap Cinnamon, at her very first show was Best In Show. Farlap Bara─Źnik  (owned by Fiona McKenzie) was best dog and res. best In Show. Farlap Baffled was best Puppy in Show. Congratualtions also to Farlap Graceful, (ably handled by Lynda Haydon,) who  won Novice bitch. What a fab day it was.
 As soon as the photos are sent to me Ill include them on the blog. I was also thrilled to find a lost treasure on the day. I was given a painting about 20 years ago, by a dear friend of her favourite hound, one of a pair of bloodhound brothers. He was a Brunwar hound, known as jason (yes that is what he was called despite what people try and tell you!!). There was a matching painting of his litter brother (Rufus) that had been lost so imagine my astoundment at discovering the missing painting for sale on the regalia stand at the show on Sunday. Needless to say I snapped it up and the two brothers are now reunited in my home!

Now a date for the diary: Sunday November 20th is the Kelperland Trophy, an invitational stake organised by the Bloodhound Club. We are pleased to be hosting this stake, and if anyone would like to come along and see the hounds hunting 2 mile lines, 4 hours cold, then we would be pleased to see you. The meet is at Axworthy farm buildings, please email me for sat nav or directions. There will be a presentation and light tea afterwards at the Clovelly Inn.
If anyone would like accomodation then theres a holiday cottage literally 20 yards from the meet. Its 3 bedrooms and available for a short let. Please call Mrs Loud on 01566 783516 for more details.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life of brian part 3

Farlap Bran, who we always knew as "Brian" is just progressing in leaps and bounds, and we are immensley proud of him. His search work training is now taking part in urban/town settings and this week he had a day tracking a "new" person on  6 different trails (but just one scent article) along A roads, through  a railway station, over pedestrian crossings, 3 foot bridges, a car park........ and all with the hustle and bustle of the town going on around him. I love receiving photos of him at work and relaxing in the home, but these are my favourites from his owners Robert and Christine, this week.