Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The weather was perfect

Sunday saw us hosting the Kelperland Trophy special stake (4 hours cold, 2 miles long) and without a doubt, the weather was perfect. Thanks must go to the line walkers Louie and Andrew, and the land owners who were The Loud family and the Moyse family. Also special thanks to Sharon Newman for taking some lovely photos of the day......this one was a favourite for me, showing Duncan taking his hound to the start of the line....just look at that concentration! Sadly the judge didnt feel either hound hunted well enough to be awarded the Kelperland, although both were given COM's. Having walked the 1st line many times myself, and being in a grandstand position to see the hound hunting it 80% of the way round, I was a little disapointed as the hound was spot on for the 80% that I watched.
It was good to meet some newer club members who are interested in getting their hound hunting, and we look forward to hosting future stakes for the bloodhound club.
A summing up and tea at the Clovelly Inn, and it was the end of a tiring day.

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  1. Hallo Sam, I followed the Kelperland Trophy with great interest since I read about this Trophy in your blog. The last two weeks we coudn't trail, I had a proper cold, but next weekend we start again.
    Greets from Br(i)an, Robert and Christina