Thursday, January 10, 2013

Normal? Whats that?

Just as things started going back to "normal" we have had three girls in season. This has meant hormones flying, and the two older boys hardly eating in 2 weeks from the excitement of it all. Happy Days!
On the plus side, training has resumed and is a little more back to normal now. Festive who is in mantrailing training is going great guns and loving her work as you can see in this great shot, courtesy of Sharon Newman.
Not to be left out, and despite the distraction of those girlies, Baffle is pushing ahead with his work with and here he isbelow, tracking a "lost dog" (aka Tennant!) and being very pleased to find him. Another great shot courtesy of Sharon.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Heres to 2013

We are looking forward to 2013 with anticipation of better things to come. Its been a sad year for us with the loss of 3 bloodhounds, and Flint the lurcher, especially as those lost were particular favourites (not that I should have favourites I know....but some are just extra special hounds). To top 2012 off nicely, Andrew managed to have a heart attack a few days before Christmas, so all in all its been a stressful time, and its unbelievably good, just to find ourselves slowly returning to normal (whatever that is!) over these few days.
Due to all thats happened which included weeks of flooding and 2 weeks of flu prior to Christmas, we didnt get any cards sent out as we usually do, so must apologise....please dont think weve forgotten you, its just that circumstances were not on our side.
Heres to a Happy and Healthy 2013