Friday, July 29, 2011

Thanks Kitty!

.......for taking this photo of Baffle, its his first "show photo". I hope he can remember how to stand at Hound Association, as he seems to have forgotten hes a bloodhound this week, and is acting more like a pirhana!
Discovered today that the most unlikely of people read my blog!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Quarter Century

Leeds Championship Show 2011 saw Candle winning her 3rd CC, making it the 25th CC for Farlap (excluding all the overseas ones). It was also Baffles first show, and he was 3rd in his class which I was also very pleased with, as it was a very noisy and scary show for a 1st time baby. Despite 13 hours of driving and an unpleasant verbal attack in the ring from another (presumably jealous?) competetor,.......I should add that they were NOT even in the same class as me....... we had a fantastic day in Leeds!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

24 hours in Paris

Our short sojourn to Paris was interesting. Some of the judging was quite unusual (and thats being polite!) and I certainly have never seen a judge using a microchip scanner to ascertain the origin of a dog, to aid their decision before!! We were pleased that Logic won her "Champion bitch" class and so the weekend wasnt completely wasted. However the best part of the weekend was seeing our dear dear friends Pavel and lenka, catching up with Maria and Farlap Guesswork (who had spent 4 days on the coach from moscow to get there!) and enjoying a couple of lovely days in the French Countryside, sampling local fare. Congratulations to Farlap Guesswork (George) for becoming a World Junior Winner.
All 3 of our girls were graded excellent, which should be very pleasing but considering one of someone elses hounds went around the ring hobbling lame, and that also was graded "excellent" then I dont think I can really take this judges opinions too seriously!!
It was great to have Dr Jim Edwards (USA) support ringside, and his comments to us afterwards were much appreciated.

photos show Maria and George, Lenka who kindly handled Isabelle to 1st place for me, and Logic winning her class. photos courtesy of Linda Vander Sichel.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweet Dreams..........

Weve just had this lovely photo of Bran in germany with his new BSD police -dog puppy friend "Hades". Its the sweetest photo!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Graduation day

Look at proud mummy Jo, with her graduating "Eden" (Farlap Bargain). Now they have to start the next training course which Im sure will be quite a challenge. As you can see, she also loves to pose with Daddy!
Wehad a visit from Monty and his owners last week, and Baffle really loved having his brother to play with for the day. Logic was also pleased to see her son, and the three of them had a great run in the field together. (I was a very bad Mummy and forgot to take any pictures while he was here- sorry!)
On a completely different note......why are some people so unable to do anything without trying to cause unpleasantness?. Whilst its easy enough to take legal redress (and those wheels have been set in motion!), I still dont get what these people feel they have to achieve by their comments and behaviour. Maybe they are jealous? There again maybe they can't help it and they have some mental health issues going on that they are not in control of? Who knows!