Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baily hits the Bottle

This photo arrived today of Baily (Farlap Crofter) who is having some holidays with his grnadparents. He appears to be picking up some bad habits (so far he has learned to steal and sit on chairs) and now he has "hit the bottle". There really is no hope!!

news from afar

I received this sweet photo of Henrik and great niece Sophie in Denmark, and am delighted to put it here on the blog.
I also had a dog magazine arrive from Australia, and it contains all the show results for NSW. I was so chuffed to see Farlap Cautious listed as best Puppy in Show, at the morisset KC championship show. Well done Steve and Shelly!!!
A little closer to home, I was approached by a distressed lady with a small breed of dog on Sunday, who told me her friends dog was lunged at and very traumatised by a bloodhound at a recent championship show. She wanted to know if this was normal behaviour for a bloodhound and I assured her it was not, but I explained that unfortunately I also have been witness to such an attack recently, and in this case it actually made contact with and bit an innocent puppys nose, making it bleed, at a show. I understand that the owner has made an official complaint to the KC so lets hope this terrible temperament will not go any further in either the show ring, trials or breeding lines.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stop Thief!

This is what Farlap Crofter gets up to when he stays over at grannys for the night!! He was snapped here by grandpa, whilst helping himself to the roast! Oh dear!

On a sad note, we have to report the sad sad loss of Barcarolla Roborovski. he belonged to our friends Tony and Adela, and was the father of our B litter. Undoubtedly one of the most gentlemanly and sweet hounds I have ever met, as well as a champion of 4 countries, and holder of a working certificate, this magnificent chap will be sorely missed by everyone.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

tired mr T.

Tennants on a hard training regime now.... just in case we get brave enough to enter the HPR test next month!! As you can see he now needs to sleep in OUR bed, to rest his weary head. Apparently no where else will do!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Talented Mr T.

As our deerhounds are getting geriatric and not really up to the job when it comes to lamping rabbits anymore, Andrew thought it would be good to train T to retrieve the ones he shoots. Guess who got the job of training him???!!! Well here is one of his early attempts, and as you can see he has a special style of holding his rabbit, that is causing some amusement to onlookers!!

While he was out doing some training yesterday, he went on point into some long grass, he held point on command (what a star) and when sent in to flush, he suddenly started to get very excited, and came out of the long grass carrying a pheasant poult! After 2 solid days of rain it was wet, soggy, cold and hungry, so we took it home and put it in with some young marans we are rearing, and now shes looking quite lively and comfy! Hopefully release her back once shes a bit sturdier.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

would a bloodhound be suitable for...............?

I have had a variety of bizarre puppy enquiries over the last few weeks including a sheep farmer who wanted one to catch foxes, an elderly lady who thought it would make a nice fireside companion, a man who wanted one to take in a kayak, and, a guy in Ukraine who wanted to know if they liked snow...and do we even have snow in UK. Now its very likely that there would be a breeder who WOULD sell to an old lady for her fireside, for fox hunting and for kayaking......sadly there are people out there who care little about how many pups they churn out, or where they end up.
However Im glad to report that bloodhounds do like snow....and having been given some great references for the Ukraine family (who are already at the very top in another breed close to me heart), then a farlap puppy will hopefully be taking up residence in 2010.
Oh...and heres the proof!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Like a duck to water..........

Having introduced him carefully and slowly to water work (unlike the prat who suggested "chuck him in") Im glad to report that the training with T. is going well and that his working ability is continuing to impress. Here he is enjoying a pond in Cornwall yesterday. He retrieves quite confidentally from lake and river and sea, so it bodes well for the few wildfowling and flighting trips we have planned next season!
he has also taken jumping to a new level when yesterday he cleared a 6 foot Cornish bank... then went back to do his "mr cool" pose on top (see other photo!)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hiding her light (her Candle) under the bushell

Ive had several calls and emails from people who wanted to see Candle (she won resBPIS) after the fabulous write up from mr Ken Miller in the dog press, so, here she is the day after her win. (excuse my serious face!!)
I wish I could get Tennant to stand as well as I can get the hounds to.... considering he has more braincells than the hounds all put together, he just doesnt seem able to grasp the "show stand" despite being able to undertake numerous gun dog commands!!! Maybe hes too smart and knows if he plays up Ill go back to gundog training!?
Andrews new toy is one of those electric tennis bats for swatting flies.......we have openly declared war on flies this summer and this is the latest in our armoury of gadgets, sticky papers and swatters and certainly is proving the most fun of any of them yet. The hounds however are terrified when they see a demented mother running from room to room and waiving the sparking arcing bat wildly in the direction of the flies! Good job no one has got a photo of me doing it yet!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Who says they aren't lap dogs??

Baily obviously thinks hes a lapdog!!!

Im sure that somewhere in my "owners manual" theres a paragraph about "dont let them sit on the furniture as puppies because they will want to do it when they are adults"
Baily is definitely turning into one of the "characters" from the litter!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just a Quickie!

Our dear friends Pavel a Lenka Kopecky from the famous "Roborovski" bloodhound kennel in the Czech Republic, arrived last night with their lovely bloodhound, International and Multi Champion Astrid Roborovski, for a quick holiday romance with our Generous.
Im glad to say all was successful and now we have our fingers crossed for the patter of tiny paws very soon, and hope that they all recover from the journey OK (it was over 2000 miles trip)

Friday, July 3, 2009


I knew the day wasnt going to plan when, I took the wrong turning in Windsor town centre, and ended up in a high security cordon and was escorted out by armed police!!!Having watched the 1st few classes today I was reminded of why, some years ago I wrote in my show-diary. "never again" next to our judges name!!!! Bas and logic both came 2nd in their classes and luckily I had decided not to take Candle as I felt it was too hot for a baby. Some people dont seem to have such consideration and I even heard there was someone there who had a new litter at home......unbelievable how some folk are so desperate to win!
Well the highlight of the day has to be the worst photo ever taken of me......so if you want a laugh go to the BBC Berkshire website!!!

I look like a demented moron who doesnt own a hairbrush! OK.....you may think thats my normal look but it isnt, honest!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We have babies......but not bloodhounds!!!
Miss ferret is proud mother to a litter of polecat and white ferret babies. Heres one of the "poles".
We have 3 female poles available and 2 female whites, to experienced ferret homes or homes where owners are prepared to learn about proper ferret care. These kits have been very well handled and both parents are lovely temperaments and excellent workers so we envisage the babies being good as pets and workers. Local collection in Devon or could possibly deliver to a show if weather not too hot. £10 each.