Tuesday, July 28, 2009

news from afar

I received this sweet photo of Henrik and great niece Sophie in Denmark, and am delighted to put it here on the blog.
I also had a dog magazine arrive from Australia, and it contains all the show results for NSW. I was so chuffed to see Farlap Cautious listed as best Puppy in Show, at the morisset KC championship show. Well done Steve and Shelly!!!
A little closer to home, I was approached by a distressed lady with a small breed of dog on Sunday, who told me her friends dog was lunged at and very traumatised by a bloodhound at a recent championship show. She wanted to know if this was normal behaviour for a bloodhound and I assured her it was not, but I explained that unfortunately I also have been witness to such an attack recently, and in this case it actually made contact with and bit an innocent puppys nose, making it bleed, at a show. I understand that the owner has made an official complaint to the KC so lets hope this terrible temperament will not go any further in either the show ring, trials or breeding lines.

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