Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hiding her light (her Candle) under the bushell

Ive had several calls and emails from people who wanted to see Candle (she won resBPIS) after the fabulous write up from mr Ken Miller in the dog press, so, here she is the day after her win. (excuse my serious face!!)
I wish I could get Tennant to stand as well as I can get the hounds to.... considering he has more braincells than the hounds all put together, he just doesnt seem able to grasp the "show stand" despite being able to undertake numerous gun dog commands!!! Maybe hes too smart and knows if he plays up Ill go back to gundog training!?
Andrews new toy is one of those electric tennis bats for swatting flies.......we have openly declared war on flies this summer and this is the latest in our armoury of gadgets, sticky papers and swatters and certainly is proving the most fun of any of them yet. The hounds however are terrified when they see a demented mother running from room to room and waiving the sparking arcing bat wildly in the direction of the flies! Good job no one has got a photo of me doing it yet!!


  1. beautiful beautiful bitch. i see another farlap champion in the making. well done for all you have done for the breed, and the risks and expense you have taken with overseas mating. its a shame more people dont care so much as you do.
    when are Cythars new babies due? must be soon?

  2. the best bloodhound website we have found. Most helpful and hope to chat soon about a puppy. Tim and Monica Welyn.(UK)

  3. Hi Kesta his puppies are 7 weeks now thanks. I hope to go and see them very soon

  4. Hi tim and monica, thanks for your comments and your phone call and look forward to meeting you very soon.