Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Talented Mr T.

As our deerhounds are getting geriatric and not really up to the job when it comes to lamping rabbits anymore, Andrew thought it would be good to train T to retrieve the ones he shoots. Guess who got the job of training him???!!! Well here is one of his early attempts, and as you can see he has a special style of holding his rabbit, that is causing some amusement to onlookers!!

While he was out doing some training yesterday, he went on point into some long grass, he held point on command (what a star) and when sent in to flush, he suddenly started to get very excited, and came out of the long grass carrying a pheasant poult! After 2 solid days of rain it was wet, soggy, cold and hungry, so we took it home and put it in with some young marans we are rearing, and now shes looking quite lively and comfy! Hopefully release her back once shes a bit sturdier.

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  1. Thats my boy!! Bit undignified for the rabbit though ;-). Daisy has proved herself talented this weekend as well!