Friday, July 3, 2009


I knew the day wasnt going to plan when, I took the wrong turning in Windsor town centre, and ended up in a high security cordon and was escorted out by armed police!!!Having watched the 1st few classes today I was reminded of why, some years ago I wrote in my show-diary. "never again" next to our judges name!!!! Bas and logic both came 2nd in their classes and luckily I had decided not to take Candle as I felt it was too hot for a baby. Some people dont seem to have such consideration and I even heard there was someone there who had a new litter at home......unbelievable how some folk are so desperate to win!
Well the highlight of the day has to be the worst photo ever taken of if you want a laugh go to the BBC Berkshire website!!!

I look like a demented moron who doesnt own a hairbrush! may think thats my normal look but it isnt, honest!!

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