Monday, January 25, 2010

Counting the days..............

Heres the expectant parents, we are all counting the days until the patter of little paws.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mr Perfect!

This has been a big weekend for Tennant,as it was his 1st time, going out hunting with Buck. Up until now they have had several trips around the farm together but with Tennant on the lead when Buck was flying, or Buck firmly on the fist whilst Tennant was running free. Today Tennant was hunting, for Buck, whilst Buck flew overhead.
He pointed 3 pheasants, the 1st was much too ambitious but the 2nd and 3rd were held on point, until Buck was in the right place. Being a rescued bird we werent atall sure a) if he'd accept the presence of a dog, let alone having Tennant as a hunting partner or b) if he would know how to work with him, but it soon became evident that he knew exactly what to do.....and when Tennant went on point for the 3rd time he flew to a tree above Tennant, to get the "birds eye view".
Buck being somewhat unfit for the time of year, due to an illness over the earlier part of the season, didnt catch either pheasant but it really didnt matter....the main thing was that he and Tennant were working together and trusted each other. Andrew took a few photos for me as well.
So all we have to work on now is Tennants deerstalking (next seasons job) and we reckon we have the most versatile perfect dog in the world.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

First big win

Farlap Candle had her first BIG WIN at Manchester Championship show this week......winning her Limit class and then winning her 1st CC.
Needless to say i was thrilled and it made up for Basnicky misbehaving in the ring (he was bored!) and getting a 3rd!!!
Once again I managed to miss CAJ, and so didnt get a photo of her on the day....butheres a head shot from this weekend, taken at home. (she wont stay still long enough to catch her standing!

However we still have a way to go to match the winnings of Farlap Cautious, jointly owned by Steve and me, but living with Steve and his family in Australia......shes currently ranked No. 1, the leader, in the "Rising Star" competition, in bloodhounds and ranked no 4 in all the hound breeds "rising star" competition in Australia!! She has 660 points so far and the nearest contender has shes streaks ahead....way to go Shelly!!
Her wins so far include four x best minor Puppy in Show, 5 x best Puppy in Group, two x best Puppy in Show, and now shes into the junior classes and has won "best junior in breed" three times so far.

Looking forward to a photo update to put on the blog soon.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Breeders.......good or bad??

"Breeders" are in the news here in the UK today with the release of the Bateson report. I have started to wade my way through all 70 pages of it, and so far I have come across mainly sensible points.
However already Im hearing about other breeders moaning about it!! Goodness me what is the matter with some people??
Might I suggest if these people cannot comply with these most basic of requirements, then we are well rid of them as so called "breeders"
For example, all puppies leaving me, have a microchip, and are checked over by a vet, and are from BVA/KC scheme screened parents. Further more I offer a lifetime of support and advice for any owner of my puppies throughout their lifetime. To my mind these are basic requirements from a caring breeder, and frankly I would be very disapointed if anyone did anything less than this.If people cant fullfill these basics without complaining, then.....good riddance to them!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

news from afar

had this photo of our new baby Isabella arrive today, shes 4 months old now, and I cant wait to go and see her very soon. Due to DEFRA rules she cant come into the UK until July so it will be a long torturous wait!
Octobers show results now in from Australia, Shelly (Farlap Cautious) won Best Puppy at the Port Macquarie Championship Show......what a fantastic way to finish being a puppy!
A lovley glossy magazine arrived last week, published in latin America for all their top winning show dogs, and it was lovely to see Karla and her bloodhounds there, and of course the handsome Farlap Curate was included.
The snow has all but gone now, and the hounds are playing in muddy slush........Yuk!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Here are a few of the "non bloodhound" Farlaps enjoying the snow!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not exactly Metro Goldwyn Meyer....but.....

I decided to have a play with Andrews video camera today.....but am rather begining to wish Id stuck to waht I know best (ie the stills camera!!!). However if you can bear some shakey amateur film making, with me puffing in the background and shaking the camera, then theres 3 very very short clips of the hounds in the snow.
First its Bas

2nd its Candle the "snow plough"

3rd its Logic enjouying the snow and the views across a snowy dartmoor

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Mounties always get their man!

Fantastic news tonight from Canada. A few weeks ago we sent frozen semen to Canada, from our Farlap basnicky, where it was used on Canadian Champion Ghost Hollows Copper Mist, and today she was scanned in whelp with plenty of pups.
"Una" as shes called, has an impeccable health record, with good hips, elbows, heart and thyroid, so we are hoping her owners will have a fabulous litter. Cant wait for more news soon.

snow stops play!

Well barvickas trip for a scan at the vets is cancelled due to not actually being able to get off the farm due to the solid ice on the hill outwards, under the snow! So here this mornings snowy greeting!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Work maketh the Man!

Well not much bloodhound news Im afraid......still unsure about Barvičkas pregnancy but will know more in a week or so.
They are loving the cold icy wether and Ive lost count of the number of times they have skidded and crashed on the ice!
Tennants been having a heck of a good time over the holidays, with 4 shoots to attend!!!
Each day hes been more and more confident in his role and his work, and did the most amazing blind retrieve in 5 foot high gorse, on a bird shot by Andrew,which landed at a distance of about 80 yards. I nearly cried with pride!!
His steadyness is unbelievable and hell sit through anything without a murmur or twitch of a muscle.....even when some rather badly trained (actually they are UNTRAINED!) unruly "other" dogs are running into every shot and generally behaving badly.
We felt todays shoot day really was the one that made all his training pay off. here he is on the first drive of the day, in the frosty gorse, watching his "Dad" and waiting for a bird.