Saturday, January 2, 2010

Work maketh the Man!

Well not much bloodhound news Im afraid......still unsure about Barvičkas pregnancy but will know more in a week or so.
They are loving the cold icy wether and Ive lost count of the number of times they have skidded and crashed on the ice!
Tennants been having a heck of a good time over the holidays, with 4 shoots to attend!!!
Each day hes been more and more confident in his role and his work, and did the most amazing blind retrieve in 5 foot high gorse, on a bird shot by Andrew,which landed at a distance of about 80 yards. I nearly cried with pride!!
His steadyness is unbelievable and hell sit through anything without a murmur or twitch of a muscle.....even when some rather badly trained (actually they are UNTRAINED!) unruly "other" dogs are running into every shot and generally behaving badly.
We felt todays shoot day really was the one that made all his training pay off. here he is on the first drive of the day, in the frosty gorse, watching his "Dad" and waiting for a bird.


  1. Fab - Daisy's been loving the shoots she's been on as well although it was mum and half sisters day today.

  2. Brilliant! Sam you have found what a great breed this is to work and live with, mind you Tennant is a bit special!

  3. thanks sharon. ive been invited as a gun at the end of the month on a woodcock shoot, so it will be his 1st time shooting with mummy , instead of mummy just being beater and picker quite nervous about it, although it will undoubtedly be my shooting that lets us down, and not him!!

  4. Tennant is such a good looking, intelligent, cool dog. Is there anything he's not good at? He's even incredibly photogenic! Moose had her 1st day shooting last week. Great day out and with a few more days she should gain the confidence of her mum. Trouble is before we know it the winter will be over,which may or may not be a good thing. It's freezing.

  5. Glad Moose is getting out working......they just love every moment dont they (although poor Tennants legs and ears and belly are cut to shreds from the gorse and brambles and weve been picking out thorns for 2 evenings!)