Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mr Perfect!

This has been a big weekend for Tennant,as it was his 1st time, going out hunting with Buck. Up until now they have had several trips around the farm together but with Tennant on the lead when Buck was flying, or Buck firmly on the fist whilst Tennant was running free. Today Tennant was hunting, for Buck, whilst Buck flew overhead.
He pointed 3 pheasants, the 1st was much too ambitious but the 2nd and 3rd were held on point, until Buck was in the right place. Being a rescued bird we werent atall sure a) if he'd accept the presence of a dog, let alone having Tennant as a hunting partner or b) if he would know how to work with him, but it soon became evident that he knew exactly what to do.....and when Tennant went on point for the 3rd time he flew to a tree above Tennant, to get the "birds eye view".
Buck being somewhat unfit for the time of year, due to an illness over the earlier part of the season, didnt catch either pheasant but it really didnt matter....the main thing was that he and Tennant were working together and trusted each other. Andrew took a few photos for me as well.
So all we have to work on now is Tennants deerstalking (next seasons job) and we reckon we have the most versatile perfect dog in the world.


  1. stunning combination of bird and dog.

  2. What a handsome pair they make!