Saturday, January 23, 2010

First big win

Farlap Candle had her first BIG WIN at Manchester Championship show this week......winning her Limit class and then winning her 1st CC.
Needless to say i was thrilled and it made up for Basnicky misbehaving in the ring (he was bored!) and getting a 3rd!!!
Once again I managed to miss CAJ, and so didnt get a photo of her on the day....butheres a head shot from this weekend, taken at home. (she wont stay still long enough to catch her standing!

However we still have a way to go to match the winnings of Farlap Cautious, jointly owned by Steve and me, but living with Steve and his family in Australia......shes currently ranked No. 1, the leader, in the "Rising Star" competition, in bloodhounds and ranked no 4 in all the hound breeds "rising star" competition in Australia!! She has 660 points so far and the nearest contender has shes streaks ahead....way to go Shelly!!
Her wins so far include four x best minor Puppy in Show, 5 x best Puppy in Group, two x best Puppy in Show, and now shes into the junior classes and has won "best junior in breed" three times so far.

Looking forward to a photo update to put on the blog soon.

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  1. possibly most beutifull bloodhound head i ever seen any place. please can you tell me what is father and mother of this bloodhound. also will you be breed from her soon?
    iveta Kappalova