Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello from Denmark

Well Heinrik has been on holiday.........here he is by the sea at Jutland, near Norway.......sea looks a bit cold!!!! Great to see how hes grown and look forward to some show and working trials results from him this year.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

funny thing happened at the forum............

I belong to an online falconry forum and noticed a post about HWV so thought id take a look.....and there was a photo on there of a dog that could be Tennants twin brother! After a bit of investigation I discovered it was another of Brokks children so its great to see Tennants half sister is also a falconers dog. Im hoping to make contact and share info with the owner.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

overseas news

Dominic is having a great time in his new home in Chihuahua....but despite having lots of other hounds to play with, his favourite place is in bed with Guillermo!!
Sheila (Now Shelly) is also settling in well although she still has 5 days in quarantine before she can finally go home with Steve and the family. They have visited her nearly every day and its amazing how well she has settled to her new life. here she is having a cuddle with Shaylee.

double trouble

The terrible twosome are inseperable and I am having to take them out individually just to get them used to spending time apart. Luckily for Tennant, they are more interested in playing together than in tormenting him and pulling his beard, a practice he disapproved of but was too polite to complain about. He can be seen here, patiently sitting and waiting for his quota of the attention.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

All creatures great and small........

Finally a couple of rather shakey shots in the near dark (ran out of time yet again!) of the 2 pups! Cinnamon and "Auntie" Vivid at the top, and Candle and "Uncle bas" underneath.
Poor Cinnamon managed to get walked over by her Grandfather while I was at Crufts and after 2 vet visits and an xray, she has fractured 2 toes and is meant to be resting. How on earth do you rest a 16 week old puppy who wants to be a hooligan like her sister??
Buck has been flying free now for a week and has a rather varied taste, as 2 days ago he tried to catch a roe deer, which was slightly ambitious to say the least! After successfully chasing it off his land, he then caught a vole in the grass and seemed well pleased with himself despite the quarry being a little bit undersized!
I understand that there have been some complaints from "persons un-named" about the ABB website www.associationofbloodhoundbreeders.info not being updated. I am at a complete loss to know what exactly it is that this person wants to see on the website, as as far as I can tell, its completely up to date. However if they care to contact ME the website builder, and tell me what they would like to see on the website, then I would be delighted to oblige where I can.

Friday, March 13, 2009

missing dog....have you seen him somewhere?

Trying to help Shelley haggerwood find her beloved missing boy. Please look at her blog http://missingbraccojacob.blogspot.com/ and if you have any sighting anywhere, that may help then please contact her.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

shes landed

Well our little "Sheila" has landed safely in Australia and apparently when she was let out of her travel crate she had the biggest pee ever, and her bedding was completely dry, so she had managed the whole 22 hours without a pee.....what a star she is. Im looking forward to some photos from Oz soon.
Im still at Crufts (day 3 and knackered) and the Bloodhound best of breed went to Helen and David Powells Ch. trailfinder Fortitude.....well done Forti! it was a well deserved win and he looked really good in the ring. Im glad I didnt enter this year having seen the rest of the judging.....however it was great to catch up briefly with lots of bloodhound folk I havent seen for a while.
its funny how you get chatting to folk you dont even know and you hear some of the advise they have been given ........well not so much funny as "worrying" and I can only hope we are not going to have "puppy farming" in our breed.....there are certainly some worrying things brought to my attention this week.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

what a long day and a long week ahead. Today Farlap Cautious began her journey to her new home in Australia.....not quite on the "convict ship" but still an arduous trip for her. Shes in the very best hands though.
Im off to Crufts tomorrow to set up the studio, as Im working as part of the Accredited media team aas well as being the official photographer on the Skinners Dog Food stand......oh yes, and on standby for a translator (Czech) for the overseas guest lounge as well!! Please dont expect any sensible conversation from me by Sunday as I will be shattered! Im not showing this year, for the 1st time in as many years as I can recall.....i dont think Ill be missibg much based on previous experience with our breed judge. I just hope the best hound wins.......but......well....we will see!
Andrew is left at home in charge of all the hounds and menagerie.....he thought he was having 4 days holiday at home but lttle does he realise that the 2 pups alone are a full time job....I havent let on yet!!! Come and see me at the Skinners Dog Food stand if you get a chance and want to say Hi, and talk about hounds.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tennant has to BUCK his ideas up!

Well Ive had several emails wanting to know who Tennants new hunting partner is....so I wont keep you in suspense a moment longer! Please meet "Buck"

he couldnt stay at his old home due to him probably being a partial imprint and therefore being rather vocal. However this isnt a problem for us here (he has a lot of hounds to match on the noise front!) and hes settling in well. hes a bit overweight to fly free just yet, but on the creances hes fine, and he even caught a mouse in the bushes today whilst on the Creance so showing plenty of potential!!! Tennant is a bit unsure and its unfortunate that our previous bird "Links" died before tennant had a chance to bond with him....it will be a lot harder now that tennant is nearly a year old, but Im hopeful it will work out and they will become firm allies in the pheasant catching team.