Monday, March 2, 2009

Tennant has to BUCK his ideas up!

Well Ive had several emails wanting to know who Tennants new hunting partner I wont keep you in suspense a moment longer! Please meet "Buck"

he couldnt stay at his old home due to him probably being a partial imprint and therefore being rather vocal. However this isnt a problem for us here (he has a lot of hounds to match on the noise front!) and hes settling in well. hes a bit overweight to fly free just yet, but on the creances hes fine, and he even caught a mouse in the bushes today whilst on the Creance so showing plenty of potential!!! Tennant is a bit unsure and its unfortunate that our previous bird "Links" died before tennant had a chance to bond with will be a lot harder now that tennant is nearly a year old, but Im hopeful it will work out and they will become firm allies in the pheasant catching team.

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  1. Hey good luck - we will watch their progress with interest!