Thursday, March 19, 2009

All creatures great and small........

Finally a couple of rather shakey shots in the near dark (ran out of time yet again!) of the 2 pups! Cinnamon and "Auntie" Vivid at the top, and Candle and "Uncle bas" underneath.
Poor Cinnamon managed to get walked over by her Grandfather while I was at Crufts and after 2 vet visits and an xray, she has fractured 2 toes and is meant to be resting. How on earth do you rest a 16 week old puppy who wants to be a hooligan like her sister??
Buck has been flying free now for a week and has a rather varied taste, as 2 days ago he tried to catch a roe deer, which was slightly ambitious to say the least! After successfully chasing it off his land, he then caught a vole in the grass and seemed well pleased with himself despite the quarry being a little bit undersized!
I understand that there have been some complaints from "persons un-named" about the ABB website not being updated. I am at a complete loss to know what exactly it is that this person wants to see on the website, as as far as I can tell, its completely up to date. However if they care to contact ME the website builder, and tell me what they would like to see on the website, then I would be delighted to oblige where I can.

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