Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another pupdate

The warm weather this week has meant the hounds have been basking in the garden for much of the day, and the puppies have been allowed out with all the big chaps at the same time (under supervision!) Bas had a few things to tell his son "Forager" and a clout round the ear made him listen to his Dad! meanwhile Candle is slowly getting back into condition after the puppies. She lost all her coat at one point and looked terrible, but her hormones appear to be settling again and her coat is just gorgeous now. Like the others, shes making the most of the sunbathing weather! Forager who has proven quite apt at carpentry and tree surgery, has now taken up plumbing!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another proud moment

It was another proud moment for the "C" litter when we received this photo today of Farlap Curate winning the group. I think he is the the nicest hound Ive bred so far, and Im immensley proud of Karla and her family for giving him such a wonderful life as part of her family, as well as the opportunity to go to shows across the Americas.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bloodhound Training Day in Devon

We are putting on a Bloodhound Training Day (working) on May 26th for The Bloodhound Club.
If you would like to attend with your hound please either print off the form below, and email back to me, or alternatively send me an email with all the relevant info on it before May 22nd please.
New owners and their hounds will be very welcome, and the day will cater for all ages of hound, from  baby puppies up to veteran, but the training will only be to Novice level so no lines will be longer than one mile. There will be permit testing and stock testing and stock training (sheep) if required. All need prebooking though please. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Puppy dog tails........

Well the pups have just had their 12 week old birthday, and weve been inundated with fantastic photos from their new families. Heres some of my favourites, and it just goes to show how well they get on with children. Starting at the top is Florence in Sussex (with her older half sister Blissful), then theres two of Frederik in Switzerland, with his young handler, and finally Winnie (Faithful) relaxing with Millie.

We also had updates from two "Old timers" this week. Sad to report that Amber from the "G" litter died peacefully from old age, at her home in the Isle of Wight. Her brother who is at the same home, is however getting along OK. Then there was news from Italy, of Gambit,  who is also from the "G" litter and apart from the odd old-age creaks, hes doing really well, having taken his owners by complete surprise, and learning to jump the fence into the strawberry patch and steal all the fruit!! Who says you cant teach old dogs, new tricks!?