Tuesday, December 23, 2008

wish bloodhounds could do this

I was sent this link by a friend....its so sweet....i wish bloodhounds could do this!!!

breed records

Well the BRS arrived today and makes for some VERY interesting reading!!! I certainly worry for the future of some of the hounds.
A conversation with a pet hound owner of many years standing today, revealed some interesting things....such as hearing about 2 hounds with epilepsy from a line i had always considered clear. It certainly means I will be reviewing what I had been planning for my next mating.
On a more positive note, the babies are thriving and eating us out of house and home.
They are starting to play with their toys and tomorrow we are building them a lovely run from our back door, so they can potter safely outside if they want to.
We still have a little girl available, and I cant believe some of the people who have enquired......a woman in a wheel chair living in the city???? A woman with a 9 month old baby????? The worst of it is that there are people out there who would sell them one, and probably will!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

happy 5 weeks birthday

The babies are 5 weeks old today....I cant believe they are that old already. Mind you I think that sleeping on a camp bed for 5 weeks has aged me 5 years!!!
They are really heavy pups, I have never had such fatties.....in fact too heavy for my scales now!
The warm porridge is now going into their tummies rather than up their noses and in their ears, and mum is finally beginning to get a bit of rest from their constant food demands. In fact last night she was snoring on the sofa for several hours and was non to pleased to be woken up and told to go back into her babies!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

4 weeks old

The babies are now 4 weeks...eating proper food and starting to interact with each other and me....mainly by sinking their needle sharp baby teeth into my fingers!

sunny days

After weeks of rain its been nice to have a couple of sunny days. Poor Tennants training has gone a bit awry over the last few weeks as pups have taken precedence. However Andrew volunteered to puppy sit today whilst I went out into our back field and did a bit of training this lovely sunny afternoon. Here he is with his 1st woodcock....you cant imagine what a proud mummy I was!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

busy days

Well these are really busy days at the moment with people coming to visit their puppies....we have been so lucky to have some really lovely families visit.
Thanks to the folk who emailed/rang yesterday and today to ask why I wasnt at LKA show this week....its just that I feel so strongly that my place is at home looking after a litter and not at a show....to be honest I feel it would be an act of immense selfishness to consider trapsing off to a show, just for the sake of chasing some prize, and risking bringing an infection back to the puppies, who are so vulnerable at this stage. I care about the welfare and health of my puppies too much to do that.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dinner time!

The babies had their very first meal today......it was a wonderful warm porridge of Royal Canin Baby Dog, Royal Canin milk.....and a spoonful of green tripe for added aroma! They were all very good and resisted wading into it for the 1st 5 minutes......here they are enjoying it!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Back on line

well FINALLY we are back on the internet and no longer am I having to stand halfway up the field trying to get a signal on my mobile phone to send emails!!! I will now try to catch up with everyones picture requests and updating the websites.
The babies are lovel and really growing. Today they had their very first solid food meal...well not really solid, more like a porridge...but they loved it and dived in and managed to get it all over themselves. Logic was delighted and spent hours licking it off them! Heres Candle and Cinnamon photographed at 2 and a half weeks old...and as usual they are asleep!!!