Tuesday, December 23, 2008

breed records

Well the BRS arrived today and makes for some VERY interesting reading!!! I certainly worry for the future of some of the hounds.
A conversation with a pet hound owner of many years standing today, revealed some interesting things....such as hearing about 2 hounds with epilepsy from a line i had always considered clear. It certainly means I will be reviewing what I had been planning for my next mating.
On a more positive note, the babies are thriving and eating us out of house and home.
They are starting to play with their toys and tomorrow we are building them a lovely run from our back door, so they can potter safely outside if they want to.
We still have a little girl available, and I cant believe some of the people who have enquired......a woman in a wheel chair living in the city???? A woman with a 9 month old baby????? The worst of it is that there are people out there who would sell them one, and probably will!!!

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