Friday, April 24, 2015


Farlap Bloodhounds and Houndseeker Bloodhounds are proud to announce that due to the wins of our two Czech puppies Cayman and Captiva (aka Jara and Rogue,) the top breeder of bloodhounds for 2014 has been announced as the Od hadiho Potoka kennel, in the Czech Republic. I believe this is the 1st time the award has been made outside of the UK, so Congratulations to Martina who bred these two smashing pups.

Monday, April 13, 2015

A little sunshine

Gioia Delle isole Lontane (from italy)  "BellaBella"
 After really horrid month, first losing Candle then having Vivid in for emergency torsion surgery, (from which shes making a super recovery and looking great for such an old lady), its been nice to have a little warm sun on our backs, and the hounds have been loving the garden all day every day.
Farlap jaunty

Farlap Cinnamon

Farlap Biscuit (Suti) Hungary

Farlap baffled