Saturday, March 7, 2009

shes landed

Well our little "Sheila" has landed safely in Australia and apparently when she was let out of her travel crate she had the biggest pee ever, and her bedding was completely dry, so she had managed the whole 22 hours without a pee.....what a star she is. Im looking forward to some photos from Oz soon.
Im still at Crufts (day 3 and knackered) and the Bloodhound best of breed went to Helen and David Powells Ch. trailfinder Fortitude.....well done Forti! it was a well deserved win and he looked really good in the ring. Im glad I didnt enter this year having seen the rest of the judging.....however it was great to catch up briefly with lots of bloodhound folk I havent seen for a while.
its funny how you get chatting to folk you dont even know and you hear some of the advise they have been given ........well not so much funny as "worrying" and I can only hope we are not going to have "puppy farming" in our breed.....there are certainly some worrying things brought to my attention this week.

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