Tuesday, March 3, 2009

what a long day and a long week ahead. Today Farlap Cautious began her journey to her new home in Australia.....not quite on the "convict ship" but still an arduous trip for her. Shes in the very best hands though.
Im off to Crufts tomorrow to set up the studio, as Im working as part of the Accredited media team aas well as being the official photographer on the Skinners Dog Food stand......oh yes, and on standby for a translator (Czech) for the overseas guest lounge as well!! Please dont expect any sensible conversation from me by Sunday as I will be shattered! Im not showing this year, for the 1st time in as many years as I can recall.....i dont think Ill be missibg much based on previous experience with our breed judge. I just hope the best hound wins.......but......well....we will see!
Andrew is left at home in charge of all the hounds and menagerie.....he thought he was having 4 days holiday at home but lttle does he realise that the 2 pups alone are a full time job....I havent let on yet!!! Come and see me at the Skinners Dog Food stand if you get a chance and want to say Hi, and talk about hounds.

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