Thursday, January 14, 2010

Breeders.......good or bad??

"Breeders" are in the news here in the UK today with the release of the Bateson report. I have started to wade my way through all 70 pages of it, and so far I have come across mainly sensible points.
However already Im hearing about other breeders moaning about it!! Goodness me what is the matter with some people??
Might I suggest if these people cannot comply with these most basic of requirements, then we are well rid of them as so called "breeders"
For example, all puppies leaving me, have a microchip, and are checked over by a vet, and are from BVA/KC scheme screened parents. Further more I offer a lifetime of support and advice for any owner of my puppies throughout their lifetime. To my mind these are basic requirements from a caring breeder, and frankly I would be very disapointed if anyone did anything less than this.If people cant fullfill these basics without complaining, then.....good riddance to them!


  1. yep, in total agreement, shame it's only a set of recommendations at the moment.

  2. well im with you on that one. i saw in accredited breeders magazine that came with dogs world this week a breeder of your breed saying all her breeding stock was tested, but a quick look on kc website using bitches shes registered litters to, shows that they were not tested atall. how can people get away with lieing in their adverts?