Tuesday, July 14, 2009

would a bloodhound be suitable for...............?

I have had a variety of bizarre puppy enquiries over the last few weeks including a sheep farmer who wanted one to catch foxes, an elderly lady who thought it would make a nice fireside companion, a man who wanted one to take in a kayak, and, a guy in Ukraine who wanted to know if they liked snow...and do we even have snow in UK. Now its very likely that there would be a breeder who WOULD sell to an old lady for her fireside, for fox hunting and for kayaking......sadly there are people out there who care little about how many pups they churn out, or where they end up.
However Im glad to report that bloodhounds do like snow....and having been given some great references for the Ukraine family (who are already at the very top in another breed close to me heart), then a farlap puppy will hopefully be taking up residence in 2010.
Oh...and heres the proof!