Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Family day out

Farlap Constant

Farlap Constant (Harry)

Farlap Benedict (Bertie)

I have had a couple of lovely days out this week, visiting Farlap hounds in their homes. Monday I went to visit Watson who lives in Brixham, hes such a sweet boy from the "C" litter. Today was a trip over to East Devon to visit Bertie (Farlap Benedict) and Harry (Farlap Constant) and I took Cinnamon and Baffle who are from the same two litters, to play with their brothers. We had two lovely walks around their fields and all went well until Cinnamon (always the trouble maker) discovered their bird table, and in her usual thuggish way, managed to knock it over and demolish it, and started eating all the bird food as fast as she could. Harry had never seen such atrocious behaviour and thought he'd investigate, but Cinnamon decided it was "her food" and bit her brother on the nose. Exit a very upset Harry. Meanwhile Baffle had managed to find a huge pile of fox poo to roll in and so the two disgraced hounds were bundled in the van and taken home. The smell on the return journey, of Cinnamon farting after her bird food, and the fox poo covering Baffle, was less than pleasant!


  1. Wow sounded like fun Sam a normal day out ;)
    Love Lesley G

  2. Is this where Disgraceful gets it from!