Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whats that smell??

We have a sweet puppy staying for 2 weeks while her owners are on holiday......sweet that is, until today, when she found a dead badger in the field, and rolled on it!!! I have spent the afternoon bathing her, and bathing her again!!
Training is starting again with Cythar, for the forthcoming Bloodhound Trials......but we did have a rather different "call out" a few days ago when a rottweiler....a very poorly and elderly rottweiler went missing in PLymouth, and so I was asked to help track her down. its not something i would want to do with one of the trials trained hounds as they are actively encouraged NOT to hunt dogs scent... only human scent... however I have always tried to have one hound trained for hunting lost dogs and have had a number of call outs over the years.....Im glad to report this one was a success.

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