Wednesday, August 12, 2009


News in from Mexico today.......Farlap Curate (known as Dominic) lives there with Guillermo and karla...and much to my amusement he has got himself a professional handler! The photo of him on the grooming table beggars belief....if I put one of mine up there they would bring it crashing down and probably break a leg or two in the melee! Goes to show that you CAN train them if you have to! Having said that, you only have to lok at the pix of him rolling on the floor with "Daddy" to see he has retained his typical clownish Farlap behaviour!!
Anyway at the tender age of 8 months hes been to his 1st shows....hes still areal baby and has lots of growing and developing to do yet, but his training is going well and he won Best Puppy in breed and group well done Dom!

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