Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eyes Wide Shut!

Despite their eyes starting to open, they are still spending most of their time with them shut, and snoring their little heads off. (As can be seen here with Gerty!)
I foolishly left a sitting room window open during the day (yes I know its winter but I like fresh air!) and forgot about it. when I went in to light the fire later in the day, I discovered the hooligan teenagers (AKA Candle and Cinnamon) had eaten most of the window frame off!!! Coincidentally I only been talking to someone earlier today about the destructive nature of hounds, and, like so many puppy enquirers, they clearly didnt believe me when I told them about some of the things my hounds have completely destroyed over the years.
It never fails to amaze me how many people ring or email wanting a bloodhound.....I tell them about all the negatives (self hunting, chewing, slobber etc) and they are adamant that "oh yes we know all that and we dont care".....but then when they arrive here to learn a bit more about bloodhounds, and to talk about the possibility of owning one, and get greeted by 9 stone of slobbering moulting hound with selective deafness and a taste for period country furniture, you can see the light bulb going on in their heads as they suddenly realise I WAS telling them the truth!!

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