Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dis Graceful behaviour

Sounds like sweet little Graceful is now behaving Dis Gracefully....teaching the other hounds to bay, and taking over the bassets beds...... just goes to show that the sweet quiet ones turn into the monsters!! meanwhile weve been having our own bad behaviour here, when Barvicka and Vivid formed a chicken raiding party and ate the back off the chicken coop this afternoon, thus freeing the chickens into the main garden, right into the hands (or paws) of the waiting hounds! At one point Andrew had to rugby tackle two of the fleeing fowl, whilst the somewhat alarmed and now positively irate cockerel decided that Andrew was a potential hen murderer and attacked him with full talons and spurs, flying at his face like a demon. Tennant was running around like the proverbial headless chicken, unsure whether he should be pointing them or doing live retrieves, and amongst all this, gutsy Gravity took the opportunity to get into the coop and polish off all the eggs in the nest boxes Eventually the hens were wrangled back into their coop, and no one was any the worse for the experience, apart from some ruffled feathers and a very very angry cockerel, with a death wish. Sometimes I think a "normal" life might be fun....but there again........

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