Friday, April 22, 2011

Too hot to trot

The recent hot weather has made excercising the houndds a real chore as its too hot to do our usual perambulations of the fields and so all walks have been either early morning of evening time. Even Baffle has been feeling the heat and slowed down a bit....although not much!!
We heard this week that Bargain and Bran had both started their hunting training which is great news.....cant wait to seet he photos! We also heard the very very sad news that Bagr passed away.....for those who hve only recently joined the blog, Bagr was my favourite puppy from the BA litter 3 years ago, a lovely big red boy who completely took over the lives of his family. A few weeks before he passed away they brough home a new companion for him....Farlap Bertok, and I hope they find some comfort in watching Bertok grow up and getting into the same sort of mischief that dear Bagr did.

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