Monday, January 12, 2009

bye bye

we said "bye bye" to Crofter today(AKA Bailey) as he went to his new home in Cambridgshire. He is the 1st of the litter to go, and within a few hours a lovely photo arrived by email, showing him sat in his new bed in his new home, with his new family and his new toys. He doesnt appear to be missing us atall!!! Thankyou Maxine for such a sweet photo.
Having had well-below zero temperatures we now have gales and lashing rain, and once again its thrown our internet into a panic, and we can only get connected for about 30 seconds at a time and then lose it again. The joys of rural life....last time this happened it was because some one at the farm had shot a pheasant through the telephone wires and chinked them with some lead shot! This time i think its just good old british weather,,,,,,neverthe less, if you need me urgently it might be best to send a text or ring me on my mobile......not that we can get a signal here but I take it up the field with me 3 times a day on our walks so should pick up any messages then!

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  1. Baby Bailey is our little star. He has only been with us 36 hours but he is so confident you would think he has always been with us. He certainly enjoys plenty of fun and food, oh and a kip occasionally. That's when it becomes a mad rush to get jobs done while there is a bit of peace. He is so adorable we love him to bits!