Sunday, January 4, 2009


Sorry to everyone who has contacted me to see why the blog hasnt been updated but we have been trying to have an "internet free christmas" !!
i finally worked out how to get the video onto you tube so if you want to see what the little people looked like at 5 weeks, late one night, then take a look here OK its not MGM film studios but it was dark and in the middle of the night!! Now I know how to do it I will get something a little better and more up to date done this week. The little chaps had their 1st venture into the yard and garden today....its much later than planned but with temperatures here on the edge of the moor around 5 degrees and plumeting to minus 3 or 4 at night, then there havent really been any long spells of warm sunny weather for them to enjoy. Anyway on their first amble around the garden, Charity managed to fall in the stream, so she had to have the hair dryer on her to stop her getting chilled. Its typical of Charity as she is very outgoing and adventurous and always doing opposite of everyone else! Incidentally we are still trying to find the right home for her....she will make a great tracking hound I think! Meanwhile Ill leave you with a photo of Cinnamon taking it all in her stride.


  1. Great to see the update. They are looking well (and lovely)!


  2. Great video Sam

  3. Sam, take the best pictures....all of them could easily be magazine covers...or something... that little liver bitch is so cute ...
    wishig you the best...
    Maggie (the canuck)
    Boru Bloodhounds