Wednesday, June 18, 2008


recent discussions have thrown up the age old subject of mouths again. At a recent breed seminar, one of our most respected breeders and judges with decades of experience was asked about mouths, and she agreed, like me, that no hound with a bad mouth should be bred from.
Recent judging critiques have suggested that bad mouths need watching again......i really hoped that this problem had been removed from our gene pool but it seems not, so one must really question as to why anyone would want to breed from a hound with a bad mouth? i really cannot think of a good reason.

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  1. we love reading your bloodhound blog....we also have a hound breed however this is the 1st time we have felt compelled to add to your blog. I can only say how pleased we are to hear that responsible bloodhound breeders are fighting back against the scourge of bad mouths and bad bites. This has plagued my breed since a well known and over used stud dog was imported to UK and now we are left with his biggest undershot mouth!! So please please please dont let this happen to yet another beautiful hound bred!