Friday, July 25, 2008

vetting homes

I was in a discussion with another breeder about vetting potential homes this week and we both agreed that over the years we have got a couple of them wrong....luckily on those occasions the pups were returned and happily rehomed. However I was then quite surprised to find out how little actual "checking out" some other breeders do....none more so than when i heard on the grapevine about 3 pups in homes that I had no hesitaion in refusing a pup to!!! One of them even has a bad repution in several countries yet they were still sold a pup from the UK. What a sad state of affairs. of course we all make misjudgements of characters and no one is exempt...especially me! but its not hard to check out potential puppy owners with fellow breeders when they have been begging breeders for some long time and yet still no one wants to sell them a puppy...or do some people actully believe they are above doing this and that their knowledge is greater than everyone elses??
Meanwhile if anyone gets a usa enquiry and its the same one as i have been dealing with for 19 months then i can give you some pointers on not selling her a pup!!!

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