Friday, August 22, 2008

more rain!

Rain Rain Rain!! will it ever end? The hounds have webbed feet!
David Gore managed to get over in between the showers so we could shoot some more pix of his lovely girls.......and then it had been arranged for me to test his "Beetle" for her working permit....well the moment he arrived at the flags the heavens opened and we were soaked to the skin......the wind howled and there were deer on the line and mud deep enough to lose a hound in...but.....she hunted beautifully and I was able to give her her permit and look forward to seeing her at trials. there is another thought....every year I swear I will get fitter for the hunting season.....this year is no different except that I am actually judging them this year and I am still not fit!!
I just keep everything crossed that the lead up to the trials are disaster-free as last time I judged I put my back ou the week before and struggled around like a 90 year old.....the time before that I sunk my landrover in a river the day before and had no transport so had to get the train to London and then another one to Bucks.....can you imagine what I looked like on the return journey at Paddington station, covered in mud and exhausted, its no wonder folk were taking a wide berth!!

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